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‘ The Great Rock n Roll Swindon’ is part of a touring group exhibition organised by punk artist David Apps. The name of the exhibition was inspired by the Sex Pistols film and song ‘ The Great Rock n Roll Swindle’.

The artists work will be on display from the 2nd - 10th October at The Post Modern Gallery, Theatre Square in Swindon.

'The Great Rock n Roll Swindon are made up of artists from the original punk movement, along side some extremely interesting artists/friends who I’ve worked with over the past 7 years, these include:

Charlie Harper - Legendary singer of punk band the U.K Subs.

DnA Factory - Two Brixton based artists Dalis & Angel who produce the most interesting art I have ever seen. Bright pinks, very provocative and slightly wrong.

Gaye Black - AKA Gaye Advert, bass player with the Adverts and a British punk icon. Gaye hated being the female icon of the band. Her work has dark themes as well as the use of press images of herself and the band in her work. 

David Freud - Renowned artist in his own right and son of the artist Lucian Freud.

Mr Ben Art - Worthing/Sussex music related and punk icon images made from old magazines, papers & paint under a thick resin.

Linda King - Large decorative flat wooden Crows, beautiful designs to hang in windows to stop birds flinging into them.

Sexy Hooligans - London based T-shirt designer, specialising in duplicate original Malcolm McLaren & Vivianne Westwood “SEX” design T-shirts & Anarchy shirts worn by the Sex Pistols.

Sassy Luke - Hastings based artist who uses religious icons with a twist, and has a wide range of both religious and Covid design knickers .

Michelle Mildenhall - Hastings Latex artist, who is becoming very well known. Work contains themes of bondage, face gags and iconic faces on sale as limited edition runs only. Originally from Swindon.

Monet Shot - Northampton based artist, limited edition prints using consumerism themed products as his influence.

Saffron Reichenbacker - Hammer Horror, slightly Gothic fun but angelic designs. Brighton based  artist, original from Swindon.

Carrie Reichardt - World renowned mosaic slogan artist, well worth taking a look at her mosaic house in West London on Google. Carrie will only be using/showing small works in the exhibition.

CuriousiTeas - Slogan thought provoking , humorous custom made teapots and mosaic art.

From 2012 over a six year period I had staged six exhibitions a year, always with my artwork dominating the exhibition. From London, Essex, Cambridge, Newcastle and Berlin I staged exhibitions, built up a large following and returned the following year until I open my own successful gallery in the summer of 2017.

With Brexit and then the world closing down shortly after, I sadly had no choice but to close my beloved gallery down on December the 24th 2020. Lost and not knowing what to do, I decided to book an exhibition a month and go back to how I started out, booking venues and art galleries and taking the artwork on tour. 

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