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Charlotte Manser


The ability to craft an object from the materials found beneath our feet is what drives my passion to create.

Based just outside The Cotswolds; I explore the use of clay through hand-building large scale, organic forms and throwing functional pieces, for everyday use.

Hand thrown pieces includes; soap dishes, plates, bowls, mugs, and beakers etc. My pieces are colourful, with unique glazes that make them desirable to hold and use.

Large scale organic sculptures are informed by objects collected from the shore; objects altered and changed through their journey across the sea. Through balance, texture and a blend of glazes, these sculptures encourage discussion and draw the viewer into an extra-terrestrial world.

I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a first class degree in Ceramics in 2017. I was a Graduate Ceramic Intern for two years following my degree, where I taught ceramics at a school in Somerset. I am now working for a ceramicists, whilst continuing with my own practice.

You can find out more about Charlotte's work by visiting her Instagram feed or her website

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