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Generations Passing

Father and son duo: James & Bill, have been exploring family stories, societal changes, and the transition into art practice.
In particular, they have been questioning the sharing between generations, how it relates to the paternal bond and their professions as visual artists.
James Cocks and Bill Cox created ‘Generations Passing’ during their madeinroath residency at 1A Inverness Place, Cardiff in Sep 2019, and were subsequently invited by artists-run space, Artsite in Swindon to perform the work virtually via the Artsite website.

James Cocks is an artist based in Cardiff, working in text and performance.
His current practice is focused on work that explores the struggle of language and communication. In particular, the link between the internal voice and what is written or spoken, and what is lost in the transfer in-between the two. Also, James’ process of writing is informed by the practice of mindfulness and mantra, which are recurring aspects in his work. James is concerned in how these text works can become self-fulfilling and act as extensions of those practices. Recently, James has been writing more narrative-based work for multi-voice performances, which draw upon with bits of advice, personal stories and motivations.

Bill Cox is an artist based in Swindon, whose practice incorporates text, installation, performance, video, painting, and drawing.
His practice is personal and meditative, drawing on the relationship between conscious and unconscious states of being and creating an act or artefact that bridges those states. Although seemly disparate in form, the work is linked by its metaphysical and alchemical nature and its concern with this middle ground. Cox is particularly interested in how one can capture the unconscious intentions behind how we act. Most recently, Cox has been working with theatrical elements in immersive installation pieces.

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