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Inside Artsite Studios - Paula Sullivan

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Working as an artist can be isolating and having an affordable studio is important so you are not restrained by big fees. It’s great to have a dedicated space available 24/7 which encourages your creative practice among other artists.   At the moment my inspiration comes from my collection of old china and pottery from the Victorian era and the the decades of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. I am fascinated by the history of these objects which influence me and I incorporate into my work. I run a weekly Art Club on a Wednesday morning.

I often work on different pieces at once switching from mosaic making to drawing and painting. I’ll start with a large mug of tea. I spend time researching, experimenting, and getting inspiration for ideas. I catch up with the other artists and help with jobs that need doing at Artsite.    My studio is full of shelves of broken china, pottery, books, paints and lots of clutter! A  large table that I work on, and a cabinet displaying my collected jugs and pots. I have a wall dedicated to inspiring me with other artists images, and quotes. I have drawings and paintings spread around the studio. It’s my haven.

With thanks to Lynette Thomas for images and compiling artist statements

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