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Samantha Silverton

Sam's slab work
Sam in her studio
Sam and Paul

My studio space is my quiet and creative place, my escape from the everyday ordinary.  It’s a place where I can focus my energy on what makes me happy which is making ceramics.  I’ve recently just finished my masters degree in ceramics so I’m currently reorganising my studio space, which mostly involves a lot of tidying.

A typical day could be mixing and sieving glazes and slips, kiln firings, rolling out slabs of clay or doing mundane tasks like reclaiming clay.

My recent work is inspired by abstract expressionism and the landscape which surrounds us. Each piece I make is unique and slightly sculptural, highly decorated tuning into an intuitive and spontaneous way of working. Focusing mostly on surface decoration.  I’m inspired by the depth of colour and marks which can be achieved on the ceramic surface.

To find out more about Samantha's work follow her on her Instagram feed.

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