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Sue Bardwell

Sue Work in progress
Sue in studio
Sue's studio

Having an affordable studio close to home allows me the space to focus on my creativity without the distractions I would normally have at home. Being surrounded by other artists is inspiring and gives me a sense of community.
I work as a lecturer at Swindon college and also run an art room at a well being charity called SWADS, both my jobs allow me to be creative and I enjoy inspiring others to get involved.


At the moment my inspiration lies in ‘ the everyday’ – I have set myself the task of a drawing a day for the year and have enjoyed the challenge of interpreting mundane objects into creative works of art.
My workshops at Artsite include Artsite Kidz, Make and Cake and I run  alternative life drawing sessions at the Beehive pub.
As well as my drawing a day I am working on collaborative makeup/body painting projects, an art residency and working towards a joint exhibition using shrines as inspiration.

You can find out more about Sue's work by visiting her Instagram feed

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